Is it possible to learn to write a holiday letter
in a 90-minute masterclass?

Join us Tuesday, November 14, 2023
4 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. CT / 7 p.m. ET)

What can you expect in this masterclass

Before the live class begins, you'll

  • receive the link to register for the Zoom meeting for your live class

  • receive tips on how to prepare for and get the most from the class

  • get a handout with resources and ideas you can pursue after the masterclass

During the live  class, you'll

  • learn about different letter/poem styles and formats

  • discover tips for the writing, printing and delivering my holiday letters

  • begin your rough draft in short writing sprints

  • learn from classmates when you share in breakout rooms

  • decide¬†how you want to deliver your holiday letter

After the live class you'll 

  • receive¬†the replay¬†so you can review the tips and training as often as you like

  • receive¬†a list of resources with links to¬† additional ideas

  • put the finishing touches to your holiday letter/poem

  • decide how you'll deliver your finished letter and send it to your family and loved ones

Your investment $67

Limited time and enrollment offer

What students have said about past programs

Don Ebberts

"Before the class, I was having trouble with just sitting down and writing. Since taking this class, I feel more motivated...The class helped me to see the importance of doing it and the pleasure of having a finished story to read."

Gladys Anderson

". . .I was stuck...With the support and connection to like-minded aspirants, I have not only returned to writing my life story, I now have the tools and confidence to complete it."

Tessa Kershnar

"What a truly memorable day you gave all of us. You are organized, respectful, incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, and an absolute delight. I feel honored to have been taught by you today. I wrote about an experience I've not shared before because you made the group so safe. "

Happy to welcome you!

I'm Dr. Flora Brown, your life story coach for this masterclass. 

I empower memory keepers like you to write their stories to show how their activities, choices and beliefs shaped their lives. 
Your life story is more than just a listing of facts. It's a gift you give yourself to take pride in your resilience, help you heal from hurts, and pass on  wisdom to make an impact on other lives.

Your life story can absolutely  transform other lives, but only if you share it . I lead workshops, a membership site, coaching/consulting, and now this masterclass to help you do just that.  Join me.



Limited Time and Enrollment Offer

  • Enjoy this live session where you can ask questions
  • Learn letter-writing skills you can use for any holiday and significant occasions.
  • Create a unique holiday letter that will delight your family and friends.