What if a 90-minute masterclass could make creating your life story easy? 


Create Life Story Magic

with Snackable Content

Push aside your fear and uncertainty about where to start and how to make time
your first life story. Enjoy a feeling of confidence with easy ways to create
and share because your life story matters.

Students are Talking

Just imagine!

at the end of the Masterclass you will be able to

  • retrieve content from your memory at least 3 different ways to start creating your life story
  • generate a short piece about a turning point in your life
  • express underlying feelings, insights, or meaning for the piece you wrote
  • create your own life story creation toolbox from suggestions shared in the masterclass and handout
  • dispel the misconceptions that held you back about writing your life story until now
  • identify at least 3 ways you can share your story with your family and others when you finish it
  • create a plan for continuing your writing



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Don Ebberts

"Before the class, I was having trouble with just sitting down and writing. Since taking this class, I feel more motivated...The class helped me to see the importance of doing it and the pleasure of having a finished story to read."

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Gladys Anderson

 ~Marriage and Family Therapist

". . .I was stuck...With the support and connection to like-minded aspirants, I have not only returned to writing my life story, I now have the tools and confidence to complete it."




Limited time offer

  • Encore of live presentation in a Zoom meeting
  • 90 minutes
  • Private community for feedback and peer support
  • Practice activities
  • Lifetime access to encore

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Tessa Kershnar

~Marriage and Family Therapist

"What a truly memorable day you gave all of us. You are organized, respectful, incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, and an absolute delight. I feel honored to have been taught by you today. I wrote about an experience I've not shared before because you made the group so safe. "

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Hi there!

I'm Dr. Flora Brown, your teacher for the life story masterclass. 

I empower memory keepers like you to write their stories to show how their activities, choices and beliefs shaped their lives. 

Your life story is more than just a listing of facts. It's a gift you give yourself to take pride in your resilience, help you heal from hurts, and pass on  wisdom to make an impact on other lives.

Your life story can absolutely  transform other lives, but only if you share it . I lead workshops, a membership site, coaching, and now this masterclass to help you do just that.  Join me.

Did you think. . .?

1. It would be easy to write your life story if you had a degree or writing experience. 
When I retired with 40 years teaching experience I had published several books, two of which were language arts textbooks. And yet, when I sat down to write my life story, the same voice showed up that visits every writer, whether pro or amateur, and whispered in my ear, "You don't know what you're doing." I channeled that fear into finding help. That's why you're here.

2. You don't have time to write a book. Your life story is a slice of your life, not War and Peace. That's why I love the approach to managing a variety of short content. I'll share how I do it with you in the Masterclass .

3. You may hurt some family feelings if you tell the truth.  
Writing the truth of whatever happened from your view is about getting it out of you. Who said you have to share it with anyone? More about that in the Masterclass. 

I'll see you there.