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I’m delighted you stopped by. As a publishing coach, author, speaker, and guided autobiography facilitator, I work with thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and experts who want to write, publish, and market their books successfully.

In my work, however, I’ve discovered there are many who want to capture their life stories to share with their families and friends, but not necessarily want to publish them. This led me to create a workshop. Write Your Life StoryTwo Pages at a Time,  a program where you explore carefully selected life themes.

Whatever has brought you here, I hope you're as excited to work with me as I am with you. Let's tell that story!

Dr. Flora M. Brown,
Guided Autobiography Facilitator


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Write Your Life Story, Two Pages at a Time

Storytelling is what separates humans from animals. We are compelled to tell stories because it is how we get to know ourselves. Stories can entertain and pass on wisdom, but most important, stories confirm that we are not alone.  Our stories say I WAS HERE and I MATTER.

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Put your book in the spotlight at your next book signing or networking event. Join Dr. Flora Brown, an award-winning gift basket designer, and former gift industry leader, to learn insider secrets for creating an impressive design and bows.

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You're Retired, Now

After years of looking forward to retirement, now is the time to fully enjoy the wonderful freedom you have earned. Join Flora Morris Brown on this 45 minute webinar to discover how to set this exciting new phase of your life in motion.

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What a truly memorable day you gave all of us. You are organized, respectful, incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, and an absolute delight. I feel honored to have been taught by you today. I wrote about an experience I've not shared before because you made the group so safe. Thank you for bringing your teaching skills to my home today to share with all of us. I know we each felt touched in a way we'd not felt before.

I had a great time! Working closely with only a small group and our impressive instructor made it much easier to do the exercises and share our work.  Everyone was very encouraging and supportive of each other and there was no pressure to write perfectly or to prove one's ability as a writer.  The exercises leading up to the main assignment helped trigger memories and thoughts pertaining to the theme, which in turn made it easier to write on that theme when the time came to do so. I left feeling encouraged, motivated, and excited to continue writing on my own, and even validated in my belief that my writing has merit.  I would love to do it again and definitely encourage anyone who is interested to jump on this workshop. You won't regret it.

Kristi G. Hicks


Kristi G. Hicks


The experience of working together in a small group, helped me capture one of my personal life stories from the memories of that time. The writing process reinforced the feelings of that choice during the time it happened. Then sharing our stories as a group, around the table infused my personal experience and memories with the affirmation and self-knowledge that I do make very good decisions. The process gives me confidence for even the very hard choices that I have personally had to make. Yet now I understand that each piece of this knowing adds to my self-trust.

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