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Memoirs Made Easy and More is a unique membership site with short video tips and tutorials you can view to learn the steps, tips, tactics, and techniques to reach your writing and publishing goals. Unlike classes you have to attend at set times, this membership site is available at your convenience, 24 hours a day.

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who is this membership site for?


 you are writing a book to publish



you are writing your memoir for family


 you want to learn to sell your book




What's inside the membership site?

Videos with tips, strategies, and tactics to help you reach your writing, publishing and marketing goals

 A few of the available titles are listed below.


  • Editing Essentials--an interview with an editor
  • The Unexpected Impact of Diaries and Legacy Stories--an interview with a copyeditor
  • Helping a Loved One with the Life Story They are Writing
  • Memoir of Another Kind: Letters
  • Helping a Loved One with Their Life Story
  • Creating Life Story Videos


  • How to Write and Publish Your Book in the Digital Age
  • Key Steps to Getting Foreign Rights Sales
  • Choosing and Using Images for Your Book



  • No and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Book
  • When to Start Marketing Your Book
  • Creative Ways to Bring Attention to Your Book
  • Free and Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Book

BONUS Tools and Resources

A wealth of tools, guides, and sources are available to help you write, publish and market your books. An ever-growing list of these will be at your disposal.



I'm Dr. Flora Brown, and I help ordinary people write their life stories to pass on their values and memories to their families, even if they're insecure about their writing skills. I also guide aspiring authors to successfully publish and market their books for the public.

I'm a Certified Guided Autobiography Facilitator from the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies, I earned a B.A. in English, a Masters in Education, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Southern California. 

I enjoyed teaching junior high through university levels for 20 years in Los Angeles and another 20 years teaching critical thinking at Fullerton College, from which I retired as Professor Emeritus.

With the help of my husband, I earned the title  "Mom" to four children, one of whom has expanded our family to include 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren (on last count.)

I have published 15 books, the most recent of which is Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Favorite Bible Verses, Devotionals, Prayer Requests, and Colorable Bible Quotations.

Want to chat with me about raising children or how my macaroni and cheese inspired a holiday tradition or how to go after your writing goals? Book time with me at bit.ly/DrFloraWillChat



Jorge Romero-Lozano
LEED AP, P.E., PMP PM Workshops
Barcelona, Berlin

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Flora in person, as well as follow up emails in which she has provided me with invaluable advice and information on how to self-publish. The advice ranges from marketing, using keywords, formatting tips, how to acquire ISBN numbers, book pricing and much more. Also, she has a very pleasant and optimistic manner, which encouraged me to write my book.


Subscriber to an e-course

I found that each  lesson was very informative.  The lessons seem as if they were written just for me. Each lesson was down to earth in its language and explanations. Thank you.

Janice Currey

Coaching client
Tasteful Gifts

You know those list of questions that you have piling up? Need fresh advertising ideas or want to know what to say to get customers interested? What would you give to be able to check off your whole list of "Find Out How to..." and where do you find all that information? Easy.  Just ask Flora Brown. 

I found the information that I received to be of excellent value.  In particular she had helpful suggestions and links for further information on the variety of topics that I had questions about regarding networking, photo shooting, marketing etc...  As I continue to grow my business and have further questions or problems, I know who I can turn to knowing that I will get useful advice. 


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