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I'm Dr. Flora Brown

Do you want to write your life story but don't know how to start? Or maybe you started, but got stuck.

Don't work in isolation. That's a dream killer. 

I empower memory keepers like you to write their stories to show how their activities, choices and beliefs shaped their lives. 

Your life story is a gift you give yourself to take pride in your resilience, help you heal from hurts, and pass on  wisdom to make an impact on other lives.

I lead workshops, a membership site, coaching, and the masterclass to help you do just that.  Join me.

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Create Life Story Magic

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  • retrieve content from your memory at least 3 different ways to start creating your life story
  • generate a short piece about a turning point in your life
  • dispel first-timer fears and worries
  • create your own life story creation toolbox from suggestions shared in the masterclass and workbook
  • get a 7-page handout
  • get an Early Bird Discount on next workshop





Organizing Your Memories & Life Stories in a Customized Hub

You and your ancestors have stories. Learn how to most effectively write and organize those stories through this workshop.

Not only are our personal stories worth sharing, but so are the stories of our ancestors and family members. 

We are filled with stories! Along with them comes the need for better organization of those memories as we tell our stories, enhanced with photos. 

With pulling together all the components to organize your photos and memories, organization will be critical. In our workshop, we share with you a technique and tool for organization and a customized hub that will make it easier for you to retrieve and compile relevant content as you draft your story.

What is covered in this workshop?

 ✅How To Capture Your Story Ideas ​

 ✅How To Use Story “Starters” For Faster Writing​

 ✅How To Organize Your Story Ideas​

 ✅How To Create Your Custom Story Hub​





Memoirs Made Easy and More

Welcome to this unique membership site of short video tips and tutorials to learn the steps, tips, tactics, and techniques to reach your goal of writing your memoir for your family or your book for publishing for retail sales.

Unlike classes that meet at set times, the membership site is available 24 hours. Join now for only $17 per month that stays in place as long as your membership is current. Cancel whenever you wish. 


What are students saying?

What a truly memorable day you gave all of us. You are organized, respectful, incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, and an absolute delight. I feel honored to have been taught by you today. I wrote about an experience I've not shared before because you made the group so safe. Thank you for bringing your teaching skills to my home today to share with all of us. I know we each felt touched in a way we'd not felt before.

I had a great time! Working closely with only a small group and our impressive instructor made it much easier to do the exercises and share our work.  Everyone was very encouraging and supportive of each other and there was no pressure to write perfectly or to prove one's ability as a writer.  The exercises leading up to the main assignment helped trigger memories and thoughts pertaining to the theme, which in turn made it easier to write on that theme when the time came to do so. I left feeling encouraged, motivated, and excited to continue writing on my own, and even validated in my belief that my writing has merit.  I would love to do it again and definitely encourage anyone who is interested to jump on this workshop. You won't regret it.


Kristi G. Hicks


Kristi G. Hicks


The experience of working together in a small group, helped me capture one of my personal life stories from the memories of that time. The writing process reinforced the feelings of that choice during the time it happened. Then sharing our stories as a group, around the table infused my personal experience and memories with the affirmation and self-knowledge that I do make very good decisions. The process gives me confidence for even the very hard choices that I have personally had to make. Yet now I understand that each piece of this knowing adds to my self-trust.


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