Use the Secret Power
of  Scary Times
to Write Your Life Story
in 6 Weeks

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 “When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back.”~Paulo Coelho 

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Yes, we are in scary times. 

We've never felt so confused and helpless.

Wearing masks, social distancing, quarantines, many forced to work from home, and the endless news cycle have disrupted our lives.

At first most people were worried about becoming infected with the Corona Virus and many complied with wearing masks. Now many believe wearing masks infringes on their freedom and refuse to do so. 

Then, when the last moments of George Floyd's life while in police custody were caught on video and went viral, protests against police brutality and systemic racism against Black Americans spread across the USA and worldwide.

Just when we thought we couldn't take any more, election drama heated up to boiling point threatening to finish tearing apart our fractured democracy.

Up to now, you may have only read about history.  Now you are a participant, an eyewitness living history in full color.

Some people don't want to talk about the rising count of those infected by and dying from the Corona Virus, nor the attacks on protestors or the election drama.  Others can't stop talking about it. 

Why write your life story now?

Writing about what's going on in and around your life helps you organize your thoughts and vent your emotions, as you search for understanding and meaning.

Photos and other memorabilia help retain memories too. But your written account captures not just what is happening in the outside world, but within you as well. 

Reporters observe and write about what they see, but it's the everyday people like you and me who give us the closeups, the first-hand accounts. It's your sharing the details of your fears, feelings and experiences that give us a rich birdseye view of historic events.

Best of all, writing about your life now will put you in control of your mind and help build your resilience. 

Your written story will be saved and savored every time it’s read by your loved ones and may someday become a treasured heirloom that adds depth to your family history.  

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You're invited to join us to write your life story

It's a transformative experience that you will be glad you captured in writing. 

Here's what students who recently completed the course are saying

  • "Dr. Brown is personable, engaging, non-threatening while holding high expectations." 

~Greta Nagel, Ph.D.
President and CEO of the Museum of Teaching and Learning


  • "Before I took the course, I had started my life story about a year ago.  It was buried in a folder on my computer and I was stuck getting back to it....with the support and connection to like-minded aspirants, I have not only returned to writing my life story, I now have the tools and confidence to complete it."

~Gladys Anderson,
Marriage and Family Therapist

More student feedback

  • Before the class, I was having trouble with just sitting down and writing. Since taking this class, I feel more motivated to write at least 1-3 times per week. I am hoping that I am able to stick to it. The class helped me to see the importance of doing it and the pleasure of having a finished story to read.
                              ~Don Ebberts 

  • For the last 15 years, I have lived in a bubble of white, upper-middle-class retired people who are mostly all Jewish, liberal Democrats, and have chosen to live in Tucson because they enjoy the same kinds of activities that my husband and I enjoy (hiking, tennis, theater, concerts). It is much more homogeneous than the community I used to be in when I was working, and I have missed that diversity.

    Honestly, one of the things I most enjoyed about this class was the opportunity to interact with African-Americans--and on a level that was far deeper and more intimate than normal. This is not part of the syllabus, but it has been a highlight of the class.

    The instructor set a tone at the very beginning that was welcoming and inclusive. It was also interesting to experience being the "other." I also loved the thematic writing assignments, and I really enjoyed hearing what others had to say. People were always reaffirming and thoughtful in their comments, and the instructor modeled that from the very beginning.  
                     ~Carol Weinstein

What will I receive inside this course?


Designed for those who want to capture their life stories to leave behind for their families or do a life review for themselves.

You write from the heart on carefully-selected themes. 
Share your story in a small group of six like-minded classmates.

In-class discussions and activities help stimulate your memory and prepare you for writing your stories each week.

You will be encouraged, supported, and empowered to treasure and appreciate your life. You will quickly bond with your class too.


Based on Guided Autobiography, the class is a semi-structured process developed by Professor Emeritus James E. “Jim” Birren, the founding dean of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and an aging-research pioneer considered by many to be the father of modern gerontology.

This is not a typical creative writing class. Your writing will improve as we go, but prior writing experience is not required. We focus on sharing your memories in a safe space and getting to the heart of what matters most to you.


Dr. Flora Brown is a Certified Guided Autobiography Facilitator and Trainer and part of the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies.  She received a B.A. in English, a Masters in Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Southern California. 

Drawing from 40 years of teaching junior high through university levels, as well as writing 13 books, she shares her love of stories and belief in their power to enrich lives through writing, sharing and preserving life stories and life experiences.


We meet online once a week for six weeks. Each class is two hours. During the first hour we engage in stimulating exercises to spark creativity and self-learning. In the second hour you read aloud in your small group the two-page story (about 1,000 words) you wrote at home on the chosen theme.

Post your questions 24/7 in the private discussion group, where the teacher and fellow classmates may respond.

This course is not designed to help you publish your life story for retail sales,
but to give to your family and loved ones as part of your legacy. 

Participate in all 6 sessions, complete all assignments and post feedback about your class experiences and receive a BONUS WEBINAR after the workshop ends. In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn ways to publish your book for your family.

By the end of this course you will have:

Increased self-acceptance and awareness

A legacy to leave with your family now and for generations to come

Better understanding and pride in the choices and meaning you've made in your life

Appreciation of your past

Increased satisfaction when you realize how much you’ve grown in resilience and self-confidence

Module 1: Introduction to the Life Story process

  • Discuss the origin of Guided Autobiography and the importance of confidentiality and trust.
  • Get an overview of the activities such as self-reflection, memory priming and mindfulness that bolster self-awareness and confidence.
  • Learn how before-class work, homework and in-class work tie together. 
  • Begin memory-stimulation activities 
  • Prime memory for writing your 2-page branching point story before next session

Module 2: Branching Points

  • Discuss your experience in writing your branching point story. 
  • Share your branching point story with your small group.
  • Discover how the chaos, uncertainty, fear, and rapid change of the pandemic give you power to write stories that a year ago you could not have imagined you would ever write. 
  • Improve brainstorming techniques
  • Prepare for writing your two-page family story for next session

Module 3: Family

  • Discuss your experience in writing your family story and whether or not you incorporated present concerns in it.
  • Share your family story with your small group.
  • Discuss metaphor and creativity
  • Prepare for writing two stories for next session: on the role of money in your life and your work/career.

Module 4: The Role of Money in Your Life and Your Work/Career

  • Discuss your experience in writing your money and work/career stories. Did you include concerns about current changes in it?
  • Share your money and life/career stories with your small group.
  • Discuss self-image/self-identity
  • Prepare for writing your health/body image story

Module 5: Health and Body Image

  • Discuss your experience in writing your health/body image story.  Did you include concerns about current changes in it?
  • Share your health/body image story with your small group.
  • Discuss self-image/self-identity
  • Prepare for writing your spiritual life and values story

Module 6: Your Spiritual Life and Values

  • Discuss your experience in writing your spiritual life and values story.  Have concerns about recent changes altered your views?
  • Share your spiritual life and values story with your small group.
  • Discuss ways your stories can be shared with family and friends
  • Recap and evaluate your experiences in the class
  • Look ahead to bonus webinar


I greatly appreciate your teaching style: interesting, fun and comfortable. It has been very beneficial for me to get started on this project that has been postponed for one reason or another. I will always remember you and the wonderful ladies who attended this workshop. We learned and cherished our life stories from one another.

-Silvia Chiriboga

I’ve really enjoyed this workshop experience. You’ve made it interesting and comfortable to be a participant. Although I love to read and I enjoy writing, I have little discipline in doing either so having a specific subject to address and a need to be concise was an excellent learning experience...

Thank you, Dr. Brown, for sharing your time and knowledge with us so patiently and with such good humor.
I’ve appreciated it very much.

- Jackie

Thank you for the workshop. I appreciated your kind, compassionate approach.  Coupled with your sense of humor, you created a very relaxed atmosphere.

- May

Use the Secret Power of  Scary Times 
to Write Your Life Story in 6 Weeks







Per Month x 2 Months

  • 6 Weeks of LIVE interactive classes with Replays Available
  • Video tutorial at the beginning of each module gives you an overview and explanation of activities
  • Closed Members-Only Community for feedback & support
  • All our Challenge Recordings are yours to keep!

 Your Introduction and Module 1 materials will be available immediately after you enroll. The remaining modules will be available each weekend before the module begins. 


  • 6 Weeks of LIVE interactive classes 
  • Each class is two hours. We spend about 40 minutes discussing the activities and techniques.  After a short break, the rest of the time is spent sharing your story with your classmates in small groups.
  • Readings, videos and a tutorial before class in your class library help you prepare for each class meeting.
  • A video tutorial at the beginning of each module gives you an overview and explanation of activities
  • Downloadable journal for recording your thoughts, reflections and gratitude lists
  • Closed Members-Only Facebook Community for feedback & support
  • Lifetime access


When you enroll, download your journal, "Redefining My Resilient Life" as a pdf from the introductory module.


Participate in all 6 sessions, complete all assignments and post feedback about your class experiences and receive a BONUS WEBINAR after the workshop ends. In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn 7 ways to print/publish your book to share with your family.


If after attending the first class you decide this course is not for you, email us within 6 days and before the second class meeting, at [email protected] with Refund in the subject line and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked. Please allow 2 to 7 days for the payment system to process refunds.

I'm ready to write my life story!