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coloryourlifehappy Jul 19, 2022

When I set up what a popular social media site used to call a fan page, there was a tip suggesting I be the first to sign up for my fan club. Good thing they posted that suggestion because I didn’t immediately think of it. And yet, if I want others to join me it makes sense that I need to be in front.  It made me think of other situations in our lives where being the first has benefits.

Be your own first fan when

1. You’re looking for a new relationship

Looking for love? It’s critical that you love yourself first. You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating since you may find it elusive.

You will never speak to anyone more than yourself in your head, be kind to yourself.~Unknown

No emotionally healthy person is drawn to desperate, depressed, and lonely people. So, if you want to attract a vibrant love you must be vibrant or at least energetic.

Treat yourself well, whether it’s eating food that is good for you, taking breaks from work, or going out to entertainment you enjoy. You don’t have to wait for the right partner to come along in order for you to do any of these things.

People learn how to treat you by watching how you treat yourself.~Flora Morris Brown

When I want to see a play, musical or movie, I will go alone if none of my friends are available or interested. It’s a different, but fun experience. It’s so much easier to find one seat, even at the last minute.

Since self-talk is constant in all of us, make yours positive. Silence that inner critic who wants to remind you of your mistakes and flaws, and turn up the volume on your intuition, the voice that praises and guides you to positive thoughts and action. 

2. You’re looking for a new job

Approach job-hunting as a match between your skills and strengths and the opportunities to use these in a job or project.

Take an honest assessment of your strengths and determine which skills you need to build up or add.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. — Arthur Ashe

When I applied for a teaching position decades ago, at the end of the job description was Computer skills preferred. These days, a level of computer competency is required to even apply for jobs.

If you are returning to the job market after an absence of even a few years, it’s for sure you will need to strengthen your computer skills. You may have left a job to raise your family, or been on the same job doing the same skills you started with decades before.

Or maybe you operated a successful business relying on a set of loyal customers that are now beginning to dwindle.

No matter what your position in your next job, chances are you will be expected to be competent in at least word processing, creating worksheets, scheduling, and perhaps even in using social media to market and promote your company. Add to that the fact that retail relies on advanced computer programs for ringing up sales and telephone communication.

Take the classes and training that will fill the gaps in your skills and make you the ideal candidate for the jobs you seek.

3. You’re starting a business

If your first thought when going into business is how much money you’ll make, you’re making a big mistake. Even though earning profits is a key expectation, and you certainly must set an earning goal, you must first begin with a focus on the product or service you will provide your customers.

Select a product or service about which you are passionate.

Once I was picking up my clothes from the cleaners and overheard the owner complaining loudly on the phone about how much he hated the cleaning business. That was the last time I used his service.

If you sell a product or service, you should be your number one fan. It seems obvious, but how can you convince others to buy your coffee, makeup, or line of clothing if you don’t believe it in it first.

Take a look at your life to discover what endeavors you are pursuing. Then ask yourself if you are your own first fan. If not, it’s time to reconsider your endeavors, revise your goals, and make some vital adjustments.

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