Black History Trailblazers and Changemakers 2020-Day 11: Christi Smith-Jones and Daughter Lola

DAY 11-Cristi Smith-Jones and her daughter, Lola.

When Cristi Smith-Jones’ 5-year-old daughter, Lola, shared with great interest that she had learned about the famous civil rights leader on Martin Luther King Jr Day 2017 in her kindergarten class, her parents took this chance to discuss slavery and civil rights.

They wanted her to learn about the struggles and contributions of black trailblazers and changemakers but wanted to do it in a way that would be fun for Lola as well.

They talked about the lives and accomplishments of historic notables, read stories, and watched videos. Using her daughter’s love of dressing up, Smith-Jones helped her daughter recreate a memorable photo of a different icon each day of Black History Month in 2017 and then posted it on Twitter.

Lola had several favorites, but Smith-Jones said, “When she dressed as Bessie Coleman, America’s first black female pilot, she didn’t want to take off her aviator hat.”

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