Black History Trailblazers and Changemakers 2020--DAY 1: Melissa Butler

I'm celebrating Black History Month by looking for changemakers and trailblazers.
DAY 1- Found Melissa Butler, CEO of Lip Bar. She and her partner survived a cruel attack by the judges on Shark Tank on February 6, 2015, Season 6, Week 17 when vicious reactions to their product were hurled at them. Here are a few:
1. "The chances that this is a business are practically zero …"
2. "If anyone thought you could sell purple or green lipstick, they'd do it...They'd crush you like the colorful cockroaches that you are!"
3. "You're never going to create anything new in this world!"
 Lip Bar is not only sold in Target stores and online, and are part of Target's Black History campaign, but some major cosmetic companies are copying rather than crushing this changemaker.
If you are encouraged by Melissa's story to be a changemaker share it with me in my Facebook group, Your Life Story Matters

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