California Offers Weather for All

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022

Who knew there is snow in Southern California?

I did, of course, and the rest of us Californians.

But folks in other parts of the country are always shocked to learn that we have all the seasons within a short distance from where most of us live.

One of our most popular news anchors in the 60s, Jerry Dunphy, always opened his nightly news segment by highlighting our range of weather and seasons "From the desert to the sea, to all of Southern California, a good evening."

In the photo, my youngest daughter shares the time she took my granddaughter and great-granddaughter to see and play in the nearby snow in an area called Mountain High.

From where I live, for example, I can get to the beach in about 30 minutes, to the desert in an hour, and to ski in the mountains (if I skied) in about an hour.

If you want to experience snow, but don't want to drive to it, no problem! Specialty companies will deliver tons of snow to your business, festival, church, special occasions, or your home.

Many folks love living in areas of the world that offer the four seasons. There's no comparison, of course, to the stimulation and excitement of the changing of the colors, weather, smells, animals, and scenery that go with it. As for me, I prefer to skip the messiness, hazards, and cleanup of some the seasons, and just go to the seasons or have them delivered as it suits me.

What's unique about where you live?

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