The First Mother's Day I Picked My Mom Up in a Limousine

yourlifestorymatters May 23, 2023
When my first child became a high school senior, it had become common for parents to rent limousines to take their kids to and from the proms. They felt it was safer than having to worry about their kids driving on that exciting occasion. That's when I got the idea that my mom deserved to be picked up in a limousine for special occasions too. After all, historically the average Black American from my mom's generation only rode in a limousine as part of a funeral procession  for a loved one who had saved money or had insurance to pay for such a luxury.

The first time I picked my mom up in a limousine was to go to a Mother's Day brunch at a lovely beach restaurant. She was shocked to see a limousine pull up, and a little confused when I stepped out and my youngest daughter presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Fortunately, I had arranged for a photographer to hide out in the bushes to be ready to capture her first expression. She was not able to relax immediately because she kept worrying about what this must all cost. I had to reassure her that everything was paid for, and she should just relax and enjoy the champagne we had waiting. She passed in 2002, but I’m happy that she enjoyed limousine rides during her lifetime before that final one to the cemetery.—

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